Life & Death

In this post, I am only quoting two men in the field of church growth and one thing they each have said.

The first is Dr Steve Greene who wrote:

“I reluctantly agree with some who believe that many church plants aren’t from the Lord. Sometimes we all miss God’s will. But once started, I don’t believe in my heart that God would favor closed doors and scattered sheep.

God’s work never fails. Leaders fail. But God restores failures.

Reorganize. Try a new way forward. Pray without ceasing.

Closing a church is a much more difficult decision than closing a business. The impact is spiritual.

We need to be very careful about declaring the work of any church as dead.

Especially as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!”

Robin here:  The second quote if from Thom Rainer who said:

Avoid merging with another struggling church. An unhealthy or dying church merging with a similar church does not equal a healthy church. At best, it prolongs the inevitability of death from taking place.”


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