What Is Your Goal

Jesus said: “I came to seek and to save those who are lost”.  Just before He left this world He told us to do the same.  I believe that is part of following Him.  So here is the question for you.  Are you seeking and saving those who are lost?  Is your church working on the Great Commission, along with the Great Commandment?  If it is not, then you belong to a social club.  When churches accept the call of God through Christ, they will be doing the ministry of saving the lost.

When you get to heaven, how many people will you know there? Will your children be there? Will your siblings be there? Will your best friend meet you in Heaven.  Look around you. We should all be taking in the least, all our family and friends with us.

Here is the thing, the main thing, If your church is involved, as Rick Warren says, “with Fellowship, Discipleship, Worship, Ministry and Evangelism” it wouldn’t be closing it’s doors.

A healthy church is a growing church. You figure it out from there.

Let’s talk.

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