Not All Things Need To Change

I was noticing so many changes around the city lately. And not just my home town of Stoney Creek but every other town or city I have had the pleasure of driving through. Even many sleepy towns are changing.
That usually brings us to that famous question, “Is change good?” Many of us, presumably the older generation, don’t think so. The young people who are inheriting that past think it’s old, outdate and just needing replacement. That’s okay with me but I hope they don’t mean us as well.  Remember part of the town that has stood for generations? Consider the many people who put up buildings, homes, monuments, churches, and even factories up just so they could leave a legacy to let us know they were here.
I know that progress is not always moving forward. We are in a disposable age; even more than we were forty years ago when we first coined that phrase. It is very evident that we live in a society that looks for change. My premise is this, change when it is needed, but don’t change unless it is replaced with something better.  People put their names to buildings to let people know they have made something beautiful to leave the generations that follow.
The same thing that is happening in life also happens in our churches as well. Here is what I see. People have left the church because they think it is old and outdated and there is something better. Sorry to say, there is nothing better than Jesus dying to take our sins away. That doesn’t have to change but the method that we use to let people know the truth of Christ needs to.
Our bible is never out of date, old or needing a replacement. It is as fresh as it was when first written. It is a totally practical guide for living well in a sin sick world. What we need to do is dust it off and open its pages to discover the relevance of its words in our everyday life. Here is a verse from that book to start with. “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.”
Something to think about.

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