Building a New Church in an Old Building

Have you ever asked where all the young adults have gone?  They have not lost a desire to know God. They just don’t think they will find Him where we are going. Just like evereyone in this world, we all need three things.

  • People need to be loved
  • People need something to do.
  • People need to know they are valued

Give them all three at church, you will have them for a lifetime.

Many of our children don’t go to church because they never found God when they were there. Years ago I said something that still echos in our churches today. I said, “We spent lots of time introducing our children to the stories of the bible but we never introduced them to the God behind the stories”. We need to make up for lost time. We need to have those conversations now before it’s too late.

I believe our churches are not for the already here but for those that have never heard about Jesus. It’s past time to reach out to those who don’t know Jesus Christ. We dare not waste another day.

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