This site is not just for those churches who are consider closing or amalgamating. It is also for those churches that know things are not going as well as they could.  You notice other churches that are thriving and growning and you ask yourself, why can’t we be doing the same? Let me tell  you that it can be you and the church you are attending. Most every church can grow and be what God wants it to be.

I have seen, time and time again where a church closes, and sells the building to another group that within a year or two are filling the building all because they are doing many of the right things that grow a church.

Here is the question that I love to ask people. “What would it take to get your children and grandchildren back to church?”  To get started on this question, just go and ask them.  You will be surprised at their answers.  But don’t end there, try to do some and see what the results are.


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