For years, a minister that comes in to help with a transition to a new minister was called an: Interim.  Then came Intentional Interim Minister, which is what we do here.

Lately there are two other designations. The first one is called a transitional pastor.  Someone who helps with the transition from one settled pastor to the next.

The second one is much like the Intentional Interim Minister and it’s called: Redevelopment Transitional Pastor.  No matter what name you call it, the results are the same. It’s a minister that comes in and reintroduces the congregation to the concept of leaning on God who moves them back to health and wellbeing.

Redevelopment is usually an individual who comes into a church that has not had a settled pastor for quite a while. Same job, different circumstance – same results, a new vibrant outward focused congregation.

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