Only One Answer

If any church is getting smaller, headed for closing, there is only one question to ask.  That question is, why?  Why are we getting smaller?  Why, what, when where, how are all the questions and they need an answer quickly.

I talked with three churches recently and they thought the answer was to amalgamate. Wrong. That is not the answer.  If that is the answer, what is going to happen to three churches that are in failure? They form one church that is on the road to failure. Not one of them asked why they were failing. Not one asked, what are we doing wrong?

Here it is, if you find you are in this position, other than calling us for an evaluation, you need to go to those people who no longer attend and ask them, “Tell us the truth, why don’t you come to church anymore?”  You will be blown away by the truth.

If you act on that truth, you can begin to rebuild your church, your faith and your direction.

Let’s talk.


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