fut-150x150I know it’s difficult for each of you to sit in the pew week after week and see the numbers go down. At first you didn’t notice it but now you are asking yourself, ‘where has everyone gone’. As a church coach I have gone into many churches and seen the dispair in peoples faces as they have begun to ask themselves, ‘how long can we keep going like this?’ I have also discovered that many of you are either getting burned out or have already arrived at that point. You have been doing everything in your power to keep the boat afloat. You are almost ready to give up. Don’t give up! There is a solution for many of you.

Many of you reading this also have seen pastors leave and you are left trying as best you can to hold the place together. You are getting tired and you don’t know where to look or who to ask. As I write this, 3/16 I have just had contact with two groups of three churches talking about closing and or amalgamating. In both cases, the denomination is telling them to close and go together into one church. WRONG! I have heard this so many times where the advice from the denomination is almost always to close. Many churches don’t need to close! And just because the denomination doesn’t know what to do to turn a church around, there is help.

Of all the churches that I have personally worked with, only one didn’t catch the vision at that time. In all the rest, there was a renewal, a return to growing and ministering that changed everything. One particular church more than doubled when they took on the challenge. It can happen with you as well.

If you as leaders in the church still have a vision for a vibrant, joyful congregation that reaches out to the community for Jesus Christ maybe we should talk.

If you are without a settled pastor and want some leadership that doesn’t offer only one solution, maybe we should talk.

If you as a member of a church, believe with all your heart there is a future for your church in the place where you worship, maybe we should talk.

Send me an email and I will give you a call.