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Hi, I’m Rev. Robert Barlow BRE, MRE, MDIV.: For thirty years I have spent my time learning all I can about church growth and church renewal. It has been my pleasure to work and coach many churches in a number of different denominations. They have contacted me to come and work to turn them around. It takes prayer, it takes work, it takes doing things in different ways, but it works. There is no magic bullet.

The best example I can relate to you is where we went into one church for four weeks and starting with forty-five people that first service. By the last Sunday, as the attendance grew we ended with one hundred and three in attendance. This happened with no advertising and only word of mouth. What do you think can happen inside your four walls? Let’s talk.

We are located in the Hamilton Ontario area. But available to help you where ever you are.

If you are interested in starting a conversation, you can contact me at:

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Blessings & Peace