Laity Leaders

  • church2FIRST OF ALL      With your pastor moving on, you may feel that the weight of the church is on your shoulders. Let me reassure you, there is help out here for you. Don’t give up yet. Looking for solutions? You will find them. We are out here to help you get over what you are seeing happen in your congregation. Attendance is down. No young adults. Joy and enthusiasm are gone. You might say, it was a wonderful congregation 20 years ago, but somewhere along the way we lost our direction.

We can help you get your bearings, renew your vision and find goals and objectives that can take you from where you are to where God wants you to be. He had plans for your congregation back when it began. He didn’t change His mind and decide to end it. He still wants to build His church and He needs your help so He can accomplish it where you are right now.

Are you interested in listening to what can be done, let’s talk.

SECOND OF ALL       Are you tired of getting the run around?  Have you ever said to yourself, “Why even bother?” I want you to turn that attitude around to something positive.  Say to yourself. “I’m not going to put up with what is happening”.  Or, “If not one else is going to do anything to turn this boat around, then I will.”  That is what Bill Hybels call, Holy Discontent. He actually wrote a book about it.  I would encourage you to get a copy, Read it! Then act on it. God is in the business or growing His church. And He calls on everyday people to stand up and not take it anymore.  With the tools that I can share with you, You can not only be used of God to turn the boat around by you can be His instrument in going upstream. We refer to that as; “Dead Fish Don’t Swim Upstream”

IS LEADERSHIP COACHING better than a leadership conference? In many cases yes and here’s why:

    •    Coaching is customized and laser focused to you and your specific growth needs.

    •    Coaching is conducted over an extended (usually 6-12 months) period of time and allows you space to truly digest what you’re exploring and learning about your unique context and leadership challenges.

    •    Coaching sees you as the expert in your specific role and context.

    •    Coaching asks you powerful questions to help facilitate deeper thinking, discovery, clarity and action.

    •    Coaching provides ongoing accountability to help ensure follow-through.


If you are a congregation looking for new leadership:  There are 10 key questions you need to ask all candidates you are considering.

One of the main ones is; “Can you share with us your call to pastoral ministry?”   The Book talked about ministry as a calling. In Eph 4 they even talk about the main ones who are specially called to leadership.  It says in part, “It was He who gave some…and some to be pastors and teachers”.  Then it is up to you to listen not to what they do say, but what they don’t say. Contact me and I can give you the rest of the “10 Key Questions To Ask A Candidate”.