church1On this site we will be adding pages as time progresses.  But for today, let’s discover some things all churches need to know.

Did you know that each church that was started by people who loved the Lord Jesus Christ, can still do the same today?

Did you know that many people who have attended churches leave due to church being boring, and irrelevant?

Did you know that many people still sitting in the pew will never invite their closest friends to church, because they would be embarrassed?

Did you know that when people walk into the building, you have only one chance to make a first impression?

And did you know that all four of these statements can be change.


Jesus said, “I will build MY church”. He didn’t say we will build His church. But where He put a congregation, He intended us to help with the building. Are you helping?

Did you also know that I would rather work with a church that has tasted death and never wants to taste it again, than to work with a church that believes they are still doing fine?

Here is a line that hangs on my office wall. It’s attributed to Arty Shaw, the band leader of days gone by.


Something more, and no one will tell you this, If you have ever thought about these things then you are sure to want to make a difference in you church, which changes your community, which changes peoples lives when we show the world the love of God in Christ.