One of our greatest teachers are those that don’t teach but do.  I have always encouraged people in the pew to go to a church that has a full parking lot and learn from what you see and experience, and bring it back to us to consider.

I’m not perfect but I do the best with what I have learned in 40 years of ministry. If you can’t get up and go to a church with a full parking lot, go over to youtube and look at the church I’m presently working with:   or

When I arrived we had less than fifteen people in the pews.

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Will your church be one of them? Thom Rainer said this in his latest blog.

I have said this as well and also say, for many churches it’s too late to do anything about it. But not all churches will fail. Here is the choices:  You can either fail or you can change.  It’s that simple.

I know too much about what is happening out there but I can’t help you if you don’t ask for help.

Here is something else that I know.

  1. Churches that have changed are getting your members.
  2. Denominations want to sell your building because they need money to keep the main denominational office running.
  3. Churches that know they are not doing what Matthew 28 says, can change and grow again.
  4. The most growth in churches happens when churches re-invent themselves.

So, what do you want to do, be that one or be the other two that keeps bringing the resurrection message to a world that desperately needs Jesus Christ?

It’s your call.